York Chauffeurs

i would like to just re confirm that our York Chauffeurs all live in York, they are all licensed by York City Council, they have proper York addresses, the same as all our cars and vehicles are fully licensed by York City Council, all the cars are registered at our York Address, our operators licence is also issued by York council and is fully registered at our York address, we have proper York phone numbers starting with a 01904 dialling code, now you may wonder why i am having this conversation with you, it is because i am fed up of doing everything properly and by properly i mean doing everything through my local council when every other chauffeur company that advertises in York as York Chauffeurs are actually based no where near York, and most of them either have no licenses or licences from some spurious council that feels the need to dish out licences without doing full dbs checks or car checks etc. We pride ourselves on being the most professional chauffeur firm in York, and we truly supply professional York Chauffeurs, when and if you ring one of the chauffeur companies in York please, please ask them to email copies of their York chauffeur licences, if you ring Executive Cars York we will if requested and lets not forget we actually enjoy sending our licences to prospective clients.  Thanks.  Mark Heaney.  (Owner)