A Day In The Life Of Our York Chauffeurs


We Will Never Be Late

Our Chauffeurs will typically arrive at the garage at least a full hour before the scheduled trip to begin gathering information on the client, which will include a pick-up address, flight information if applicable and details on any special requests, He will then wash and leather his car and hoover the interior making sure the car is fully equipped and chilled bottled water is in the car.


Cleanliness and Safety

Sending out a dirty car just isn’t an option at Executive Cars York. Our cars are cleaned to a standard that other firms would aspire to, all our vehicles are cleaned by ourselves at our premises, we use many leading products including sterilising solutions and anti bacterial products, this is done after and before every single job, now this may seem tedious and this is why most other companies don’t bother with this regime, we have and will always carry on with this because we believe our customers are paying for a superior service and should be able to have complete peace of mind about our cars cleanliness otherwise they may as well just book a Taxi, our customers use us because we have the complete package of superior cars, superior chauffeurs, and the highest cleanliness of any other chauffeur firm, our Chauffeurs will inspect the vehicle for appearance inside and out, our Chauffeurs will also conduct an inspection of multiple points on the vehicle, including tyre tread and fluid levels, to ensure that there’s no possible chance of a breakdown during the trip. Even though our vehicles undergo a rigorous maintenance schedule at the mercedes main dealers every 8 weeks, it is because of all these points that we believe our chauffeur service is the leading chauffeur service in York and Yorkshire.


We Are Always Ready for Anything

Our Chauffeurs carry everything in the boot of the car that every occasion might require, even though being well-dressed in a designer suit and tie and perfectly-groomed is a big part of the job. Chauffeurs need to anticipate any need their clients could have. Would they like some room-temperature or chilled bottled water? How about a copy of the daily paper? What if they’re off to meet a client and realize their breath smells like garlic, Exact contents can vary, but many of our Chauffeurs carry extra mints bottled water, sewing kits and maps of various cities for clients.


We Check, Check and Check Again

Our Chauffeurs at Executive Cars York are masters of their surrounding areas. They understand the cities and streets, even in complex areas like London, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool and in fact all major cities in the uk like the back of their hand. That doesn’t mean our best in the business Chauffeurs ever just hop into one of our mercedes s class cars and go. Our Chauffeurs are adept at using technology to provide the best service, and this usually means checking several types of software before heading off. They track flights when applicable continuously to ensure they are at the arrivals terminal nice and early with an iPad welcome board and a smile, we also look at road closures and other traffic patterns that can be altered by factors like construction, weather or accidents.


We Never Ever Assume Anything

Part of being an Executive Cars York Chauffeur is never assuming. We don’t assume our clients have read the newspapers or remembered to grab something to eat before leaving the airport. We don’t assume that traffic is clear on a motorway because it usually is. Providing seamless service every time requires being prepared for whatever might stand in our way. Whether the flight is suddenly delayed or happens to get in 10 minutes early, Our Chauffeurs know to use every available resource to be always on time, which actually means 30 minutes early in the world of executive transportation.

There a many occasions when a taxi just is not good enough for your travel needs, taxis are fine for quick immediate journeys where time is not an issue, but lets say you have to be at an important business meeting and you want to be certain that you will arrive exactly on time, plus you want to make an impression, or maybe you need to travel long distance like an airport, seaport, railway station maybe a big sporting event then Executive Cars York has to be your first port of call, unlike taxis our cars are top of the range Mercedes s class limousines, the car is fully valeted before every journey, the chauffeur will be turned out in a designer suit and tie, he will always be 15 minutes early and he will have already planned your journey with military precision, yes a chauffeur driven car of this quality costs more but as the saying goes you only get what you pay for, do you want an old ford mondeo that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days or would you like an immaculate Mercedes s class that has been valeted to within an inch of its life.

So your next question might be but how much more am i going to pay, well usually on short journeys we are double the price of a local taxi, on long runs is where we can be more competitive we are usually 50% more than a taxi, i would bet that if people realised that we don’t actually charge triple or something then more people would prefer the services of a professional chauffeur service like the one we provide here at Executive Cars York, with our knowledge of journeys all over the UK and our chauffeurs and their attention to detail, we know that once tried you would be converted, if you feel like you would like to try our fully licensed chauffeur service in York or anywhere in the UK the please feel free to contact us for immediate attention.

We are a small friendly professional chauffeur company in Yorkshire, unlike some of the others we do not profess to own 30 cars or have 20 chauffeurs, we actually have only three chauffeurs, we have had many chances to expand and have not done this, the reasons for this are simple, we would rather give a truly personal service, you will be driven most of the time by Mark Heaney who has help from two other fully qualified chauffeurs whom he trusts and has worked with for many years, Executive Cars York has been setting the standards for quality service since 1999, With friendly, professional, highly-trained staff and an small fleet of late-model, luxury Mercedes s class cars, we’re committed to delivering a reliable service each time. Please contact us on 01904 693297 or alternatively email Mark Heaney the owner on executivecarsyork@gmail.com when we will gladly supply you with a wealth of information on prices and availability.