Chauffeurs in York

So what makes the perfect chauffeur service in York or indeed anywhere in the Uk, is it the car, is it the driver, or for this article we will call him a chauffeur, now this is not the case for most of the companies that provide chauffeurs in York, they are in my opinion glorified taxi drivers, i will explain, i was at a big function in London last week, i had taken a very famous chef to an awards ceremony, i as usual was wearing a fully tailored suit highly polished brogues and my Mercedes s class was polished to within an inch of its life, in the fridge in the back was lovely chilled water, the customer also had 3 different morning papers, this in my opinion is a perfect service, so i like it when i go to these big functions because it gives me a chance to eye up the competition look at their cars etc, because i never stray from the car just incase the customer wants to leave early, well i can honestly say there is no competition that compares to the service we provide at Executive Cars York, i walked round all the chauffeurs and cars most were dressed in cheap trousers a shirt and tie, the cars were mostly not immaculate but tired looking examples with scratches and swirl marks, most of these drivers had dull shoes that looked like they had never seen polish, it is this exact thing that annoys me because these people are actually advertising that they give the same service as me when clearly they are not, it is the customer i feel sorry for because they will order this service after looking at a website and seeing immaculate cars and drivers on pictures only for a sub standard service to be offered, well i have a bit of advise for anybody that requires a truly professional chauffeur service especially in York, just ring the best with the best service and the best cars Executive Cars York.