Well it has been a long covid journey but thank god we are now back to normal, the amount of emails we are receiving is astounding, people that havent got in touch for 2 to 3 years are now wanting our chauffeur services, i can only feel thankful that we have no finance on any of our vehicles so we have been able to sit this virus out, most businesses have suffered but because our business is mainly based around transporting business owners and company directors we have suffered more than most companies, i would personally like to thank all those companies that continued to support our business by using us right through the 2 years, i had to have a covid test every single day because one of the companies demanded this, thank god they now no longer require this, i was getting very fed up of poking that stick down my throat, anyway onwards and upwards, i am currently in the process of replacing both of our vehicles, please dont worry we are definitely sticking with the Mercedes s class and the Mercedes v class, the newer s class is simply astounding as you will soon see, i know that a lot of companies have not survived the covid i feel really sorry for them it must be awful to give up your business because of outside influences, i can assure you that we are in a fantastic position and because we plan ahead will never be in that position, so if you have been let down by either a company that has now finished or an unlicensed company that rents cars for each job then feel free to contact Mark Heaney at Executive Cars York, we are and always have been fully licensed by City of York Council, i am led to believe that our council are now in a position to chase all these unlicensed companies and are currently investigating them, fingers crossed they will be gone once and for all, they dont really affect our business but i feel sorry for the paying public who are taking this risk without even knowing how much danger they are in, please ask for copies of their York licences if they advertise as being in York, this is a legal requirement. Thanks. Mark.