Well the time has come to choose a new car to replace our Mercedes s class, at this moment in time good used cars are in very short supply and fetching a massive premium, for the last 7 cars we have used only Mercedes s class cars, this time i am going to keep an open mind and test drive all other chauffeur vehicles available, the choice is between the Mercedes s class, Bmw 7 series, Audi A8 or the new Lexus. I have always been biased towards Mercedes simply because that is all i have ever had, i was at a big function in London last week there were many chauffeurs from companies all over the UK, i took my time and looked at all the competition and realised most of them were using the new Bmw 7 series, a small minority were using the Audi A8 and about 30 percent were Mercedes s class cars, having studied all the new cars and speaking to the other chauffeurs it became apparent that Bmw had indeed caught up with Mercedes on comfort and specification, so there we have it yet another dilemma in the world of moving people around the country in ultimate comfort, i will keep you informed of my test drives and my honest unbiased opinion on all of them. Wish me luck. Mark.