Trusted York Chauffeurs

Well it doesn’t seem like a year ago since we were rung up by one of the oldest and largest publishers in the UK Hodder And Stoughton, we were asked if we could possibly supply a very nice Mercedes s class and a professional chauffeur to look after Peter Robinson on his book signing tour, well of course we jumped at the chance and what a pleasure it was, Peter was a joy to spend 10 days with, a very down to earth gentleman, i thoroughly enjoyed my time on that job, well Hodder and Stoughton like many other major plc companies have asked us (Executive Cars York) to accompany Peter Robinson on his new book signing tour around the UK, his new book is called Sleeping in The Ground, it is when you land a major contract like this and then they ask you the following year you know you are definitely the most professional chauffeur company from York all the way to London, the job is very demanding with timings being of the upmost importance, Peter has to arrive at the venue with 10 minutes to spare only the car has to be parked up within that 10 minutes and i have to be by his side while the signings go ahead. If you or your firm would like Executive Cars York to supply one of our Mercedes s class cars and one of our class leading chauffeurs then don’t hesitate to contact us on Email or  Telephone 01904 693297.