Comparing Uber Exec to Our Chauffeur Service

So the email goes as follows, hi there executive Cars York could i possibly obtain a quote for your services, it is me and my wifes 25th wedding anniversary, i would like a quote to pick us up in one of your Mercedes s class cars and take us to York then pick us up after two days and take us back, i will not disclose the pick up point to avoid upsetting our competition in that area, anyway i sent the quote back instantly and received a very swift reply from the gentleman saying he had been online and got a quote from uber in one of their exec cars, our quote was £300 uber £260, would i be able to compete with their quote, obviously i declined his kind offer and proceeded to explain why, when you book our firm a bespoke chauffeur company you will get one of our Mercedes s class cars not an E Class like them, our car will have been fully valeted as they always are before each job, theirs could actually have been at work all day, our chauffeur will be dressed in a very nice suit and tie with a crisp fresh white shirt, i have never seen an uber driver dressed like us, our car is the long wheelbase limousine version with panoramic glass roof, rear reclining seats, 150 channel freeview television, full privacy electric blinds, and the list just goes on and on, lets add to this equation that you can’t pre book an uber exec and if they are very busy at the time you need them they will x2 x3 or even x4 the fare, when i sent this response back to the gentleman he obviously saw all the benefits outweighed the £40 extra and booked the car, this is just another example of the massive differences between a Taxi Service and the truly Bespoke Chauffeur Service that we supply at Executive Cars York.