Good morning everyone, i would like to clear up the confusion surrounding our reasons why we always charge a minimum fee of £90, we get many calls wanting very short journeys in our Mercedes s class, because maybe the person wants to surprise their Girlfriend, Mother or Wife with a very nice immaculate fully licensed Mercedes s class complete with a chauffeur dressed in designer suit and highly polished shoes, there seems to be a lot of surprise when we say yes thats fine we can do that journey for you the charge will be £90, the answer is usually couldn’t you do it a bit cheaper, after all its not a very long journey a taxi would only cost £15, let me explain, we fully valet our vehicles before every journey so no-one has been in that car in between the valet and you, this is one of my strictest criteria, then i will be dressed in an immaculate designer suit which has only been used for that job, i see many chauffeurs along my travels and i cringe when i think someone has paid their hard earned money for that, i believe the car chauffeur and journey should be special for you or who ever you are booking this journey for, we are not a Taxi Service, not that i have anything against using Taxis they are usually quick and cheap but we are a fully blown Chauffeur Service, which is why we have gained most of the biggest companies in Yorkshire as clients, they know that a car and chauffeur from Executive Cars York will exceed their customers expectations, we often receive a phone call after the journey to thank us for looking after Mr or Mrs x, we are the only company in York that is fully licensed by City of York Council as a chauffeur service that uses the latest Mercedes s class cars, we will of course take any person whether on business or for pleasure to any location in the UK, we will also pick up from any location in the UK, i hope this has gone some way to explaining why we have our minimum charge we have done this for the last 7 years and for time and cost reasons we will continue to do so, i might add there are a couple of unlicensed York Chauffeurs that you can ring who charge a lot less, i personally would not use them but the consumer is free to choose who they want, please be prepared to ride in something they have rented or borrowed and be prepared for a man in a shiny suit that hasn’t been dry cleaned for a couple of months.