York Chauffeurs

Who should be able to call themselves York Chauffeurs, should it be a firm from Leeds or Bradford, should it be a totally unlicensed firm from Selby or York, well at the moment we have a great deal of bogus York Chauffeurs advertising their services in the York area, most of these firms advertise with a bogus York address and a mobile number, this in its self should give you a clue, Executive Cars York are different we are fully licensed by York City Council, all you have to do if you are unsure is ring York council and ask for Taxi Licensing they will be very receptive to your phone call because like us it annoys them that these firms sneak in to York and prey on the paying public of York, at Executive Cars York we adhere to all the strict conditions that the council put before us, all our cars and vehicles are tested by the council every 6 months, this test is far more stricter than an mot, it is also reassuring for you because it enables you to know our cars are all perfect, on top of this we also book all our vehicles in to the garage approximately every 8 weeks for a full check over and service, please do not be fooled by the cheap prices some of these bogus firms offer, it is usually because they do not have the same standards as we have and are not licensed, if you need any more information about Executive Cars York or indeed the other bogus firms then you are more than welcome to ring us on 01904 693297, you can even ring Mark Heaney the owner on 07955955900.