Searching for a professional York Chauffeur Service

This may sound like quite an easy task because yes there are many Chauffeur Firms advertising their services in York, the problems begin when you start to analize these professional looking firms, they often have the most amazing websites to attract you in a bit like a flashing fruit machine, they will have pictures of all the latest Mercedes cars you can supposedly ride in, they may even have a picture of a very smart chauffeur in company uniform complete with a chauffeurs hat, well i can categorically state that most of these firms that are advertising in york have non of the above, at Executive Cars York we do not make our chauffeurs wear a hat but all our chauffeurs wear very nice designer suits with a crisp white shirt and tie, highly polished shoes and with a discreet smell of aftershave, now lets get to the cars, all our cars at Executive Cars York are the top of the range Mercedes, we believe they are the ultimate chauffeur vehicle, for saloons we only use the Mercedes s class long wheel base limousine version, now let me tell you these cars are as good as any rolls royce or bentley, they are quiet, refined, and once you ride in one you will agree with us, we have never had a customer who has not enjoyed the ride quality, when you add to this the air cooled seats, 150 channel freeview television, bluetooth headsets, privacy screens on all windows and a full panoramic glass roof, plus many more things that will amaze you, our latest Mercedes s class even has a system that knows if the driver is feeling tired and puts a warning on the dash, with safety in mind we go above and beyond here at Executive Cars York, all our cars are fully checked every 8 weeks at Mercedes, and every week at our own premises, and daily by the drivers, it is this massive attention to detail that has made us the no1 chauffeur service in York and Yorkshire, please do not be fooled by the other firms, the first thing i would ask them is please could you supply us with your licences from York City Council because here at Executive Cars York all our drivers and cars are fully licensed by York City Council, this is not easy as our council in York have very high standards and that is why most firms do not want to go through the process and thus stay under the radar, the ironic thing is if they have the misfortune to have an accident they will not be insured because we have to show all our licences before the insurance company will insure us, anyway if you fully check these firms you will find out that they use old cars scruffy drivers and really are no more than a local cheap taxi, this in my opinion drags the industry down, please make the wise choice and telephone the leading chauffeur service in York and Yorkshire on 01904 693297 or you can email us on you can even telephone Mark Heaney the owner of Executive Cars York on 07955955900.