Executive Chauffeur Exemption

In York i am constantly asked why none of our vehicles have any plates or indeed any indication that the vehicles are fully licensed by York City Council, this question believe it or not is asked the most times by Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Drivers in York, well i will proceed to explain, in York all Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles and our chauffeur vehicles have to under go the same strict licensing conditions, but unlike all the others Executive Cars York has been allowed by York City Council to have what they call Executive Exemption, the only indication that we are fully licensed by the council is a small certificate in the front nearside windscreen telling people our plate number etc, it is very discreet because the type of work we do is very different to a taxi or a private hire vehicle, if you happen to book a chauffeur driven car in York please carefully look at this certificate in the windscreen because there are a few chauffeur firms in York that are operating completely illegally and have no licences, all Executive Cars Yorks vehicles are fully exempted from displaying any plates side stickers etc, our top of the range Mercedes s class cars and our Mercedes Viano 7 seater vehicles wouldn’t look quite right with plates and stickers, i hope this information helps people choose a correct chauffeur firm that has full public liability insurance and the knowledge that the cars and drivers are fully checked badged and licensed by York City Council.