5 Years To Train a Professional Chauffeur

No this is not a joke, to be the ultimate professional chauffeur actually takes longer than this, and some drivers will never become a professional chauffeur, this is because being a top chauffeur is 50 percent about the driving and 50 percent about being able to read people, in one week i might have to drive at completely different speeds, one lady i carry likes me to amble along at 60 mph on the motorway and stop every 2 hours for a leg stretch etc, the polar opposite of this is one businessman who wants me to take the absolute shortest or quickest route, keeping the car on the maximum speed limit all the time, and gets stressed when we come across any traffic at all, then there is the passenger who wants to chat all the time and talk about his and your life and debate politics, the problems in the world and much more, then you have the business man who does not want to utter one word for the whole journey, let me tell you i enjoy both types of customer, i enjoy discussing the problems in the world because often it makes the journey go quicker, but i have to say i also like the silence when a customer does not want to talk at all, these qualities can’t be taught in a short time, i must quickly and efficiently learn what type of customer i am carrying because to get it wrong would annoy the customer and lead them to use another chauffeur company, there have been many chauffeurs that i have come across in my 30 years as a professional chauffeur who have not lasted very long because they have been unable to adapt quickly to the customers needs, then we come to how you dress, there can be two chauffeurs both in mercedes s class cars both with suits and ties on, believe me there can be a world of difference between these two chauffeurs, my suits are designer, pressed before every job complete with a bright white newly ironed shirt and highly polished shoes, for instance i spent 2 hours the other night polishing my shoes to a mirror shine, then we have the chauffeur stood next to me in a machine washable suit, a shirt he might have worn for two days and shoes that could do with a good wash, and the chauffeur himself looks like he could do with a good bath, as for the car to be a professional chauffeur your car has to be just like it left the showroom, a chauffeur who turns up with a dirty car even if it is raining is not on top of his game, i might pull up round the corner and get my microfibre cloths out buff the car top to bottom then drive round the corner to pick my customer up, to be this perfect takes a lot of dedication, some may say but surely the passenger must allow for the fact that you have travelled in the rain to pick him up, well no the passenger does not understand this he wants what he has paid for an immaculate car, an immaculate driver, and that driver to immediately know his needs and personality within a few minutes of meeting, so as i said before very few chauffeurs actually last more than a year because of the massive demands that customers who pay a substantial premium to be chauffeur driven in a mercedes s class car demand, so i introduce myself Mark Heaney i own Executive Cars York, i can say that once you try our chauffeur service you will not want to use that chauffeur that doesn’t quite understand what it takes to stand next to me, i am fully qualified, fully licensed, fully insured, professional chauffeur.