Good morning my lovely customers past and present, here at Executive Cars York we have had possibly the most manic 3 months on record, normally in December and especially January we have a quite relaxing time, this is quite a good thing because it gives us plenty of time to reflect on the previous year, and sit and plan ahead for the future year, do I want more work or at my grand old age do I definitely want to do less work, I have to say i prefer the latter, after so many years in the business of driving people where they need to be I am ready to slow down, my main problem after being self employed for so many years I find it so difficult to say no sorry, when I am on the phone I often see my wife shaking her head as I accept the 3rd London of the week, anyway as for this year i have now made the decision or intention of slowing down, this might or might not happen, it depends if i can hide from the wife while taking calls, I am currently looking for my next new Mercedes s class which will hopefully see me ok for the next 4 years and ultimately to my retirement, I love my job and meet so many interesting people some with no money and others with too much money, I have been asked to do some amazing jobs that other companies can only dream of, it is this fortunate position that makes me carry on.  Executive Cars York are here to stay much to the dissapointment of some other firms.  Thank You.  Mark Heaney.