There a many occasions when a taxi just is not good enough for your travel needs, taxis are fine for quick immediate journeys where time is not an issue, but lets say you have to be at an important business meeting and you want to be certain that you will arrive exactly on time, plus you want to make an impression, or maybe you need to travel long distance like an airport, seaport, railway station maybe a big sporting event then Executive Cars York has to be your first port of call, unlike taxis our cars are top of the range Mercedes s class limousines, the car is fully valeted before every journey, the chauffeur will be turned out in a designer suit and tie, he will always be 15 minutes early and he will have already planned your journey with military precision, yes a chauffeur driven car of this quality costs more but as the saying goes you only get what you pay for, old ford mondeo that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days or an immaculate Mercedes s class that has been valeted to within an inch of its life, so your next question might be but how much more am i going to pay, well usually on short journeys we are double the price of a local taxi, on long runs is where we can be more competitive we are usually 50% more than a taxi, i would bet that if people realised that we don’t actually charge triple or something then more people would prefer the services of a professional chauffeur service like the one we provide here at Executive Cars York, with our knowledge of journeys all over the UK and our chauffeurs and their attention to detail, we know that once tried you would be converted, if you feel like you would like to try our fully licensed chauffeur service in York or anywhere in the UK the please feel free to contact us for immediate attention.