What Makes A Good Yorkshire Chauffeur Service

Being a chauffeur is not for everyone it is a very demanding all consuming way of life, but if you are polite, efficient and dedicated to giving top quality service, then it can be the perfect job for you.

A chauffeur always, i repeat always needs to be smart to the point of obsessive, a chauffeur should also be an impeccable time keeper being there just in time is not an option, you must always be early, you must also be considerate and prepared to go the extra mile for the client. Many still believe a chauffeur should be wearing a hat and gloves, but that is so old fashioned, most people prefer their chauffeur to be discreet and be able to blend in to any situation. A well-fitted suit and clean, polished shoes are absolutely a must, most chauffeurs these days actually wear designer suits costing £600 or more.

Every client will have different requirements and you must be prepared to do what you can to make sure these happen. Some may require a certain newspaper, magazine or simply a coffee when they arrive at the airport. These small requests normally mean a great deal to the client and are sure to gain repeat business from the client.

It is very important to learn straight away how to deal with clients, as this can mean them coming back to you again and again if you get it right. Once you have both exchanged greetings, always let the client talk to you first during the journey. Never bombard them with stories of the latest traffic jams or anything from your personal life – they are simply not interested, unless they ask you.

A business person will normally want to relax when they are in your vehicle, some may catch up on emails or make phone calls. You must make every effort not to listen to their conversation, or comment on a conversation they just had.

As a professional chauffeur, you have a great responsibility to make sure your client is not late for any appointment or flight. This is all down to preparing your journey and making sure you know exactly where you are going. Completely relying on satellite navigation will not give your client confidence in your work. Do not break any speed limits, even if the client asks you to do so.

Your vehicle must always be absolutely impeccable inside and out. The client will not want to smell your lunch or see empty crisp packets floating around the car.

As long as you follow most of these simple rules, your life as a chauffeur will be extremely enjoyable. Good luck if you choose to join this amazing industry.

Executive Cars York always exceed all of the above, most people use us because they have been recommended to us by someone else, i hope your current chauffeur service in York and Yorkshire also exceed the above but if they won’t, can’t, or don’t, then feel to ring Mark Heaney the owner of Executive Cars York on 01904 693297 or alternatively you can email him on markheaney2@aol.com.