Our Mercedes s class the colour is Selenite Mettalic.

To  be a good chauffeur you have to be able to first of all be quite subservient, secondly and most importantly you have to be excellent at waiting while dodging around major cities trying to find somewhere as close as possible to the client but without the risk of a parking ticket, this is the part of the job that I find the most difficult, and I guess most other chauffeurs do as well, it is all good if your destination is somewhere exclusive where you are able to park and go to the toilet, speaking of toilets there are very few around soyou also have to be good at waiting and not needing the toilet, now let’s get to the good bits, I have waited at some of the most luxurious locations in the UK and have had people who believe the driver is important so they tend to announce you as their driver and could they please look after you, of course there are other people who do not care if you are still alive when they get back to the car but I think this is the same in all walks of life, lets get one thing straight I am not moaning I like my job 90% of the time, when someone says I would love your job I reply with well it not as glamorous as one might think but yes it is a good job and quite well paid, if anyone reading this wants to become a chauffeur then you can ring me on my mobile 07955955900 and I will tell you all the bad bits but more importantly the good bits, I am nearly at the end of my career at the grand old age of 63, I dont think this is a young man’s job but anyone over the age of 40 will fit in to the job nicely.  Thanks for reading.