The Yorkshire Chauffeur Company With a Difference

Executive Cars York have been trading for over 20 years in York and Yorkshire, over that time we have honed our chauffeur operation to be so professional and slick that others chauffeur firms now find it nearly impossible to copy our services, we definitely have the best cars because we only use the Mercedes s class, but not just the standard model we only use the limousine versions, because we believe they are by far the leaders and every customer we carry agrees with that, i have noticed just lately that other firms are buying the Bmw 7 series, now just for market research we got Bmw to loan us a Bmw 730 diesel long wheel base version, i then set about using the car with a few of our regular customers, now being honest 5 customers thought the car felt too hard on the suspension and that the rear seats didn’t feel as comfortable, and 1 person liked the feel of the car, that for me made my mind up and we will carry on using the market leader the Mercedes s class, so putting the car to one side, let me tell you why we know we are The Yorkshire Chauffeur Company that others aspire to, plain and simple our firm bends over backwards to please and retain our customers, i can honestly say we have never lost a customer to a rival, i was stood the other day with about 20 other chauffeurs at a big function in London, this is always my opportunity to study other chauffeurs cars, how they dress, how they act, how clean their cars are etc.i can honestly say i was proud when 2 or 3 of the other chauffeurs were admiring my car simply because it is the complete top of the range Mercedes s class that is available, i know we are the leading chauffeur service and i am glad to be of service to lots of the most wealthy people in and around yorkshire, if you currently use a chauffeur service that you feel is not quite top of the tree and wish you could acquire such a service then this is exactly what you have found, the fact that you are reading this article means you are either looking for an outstanding Yorkshire chauffeur service or you are looking to change your Chauffeur Firm, we can help, you can contact us on 01904 693297 or you can Email us on