Our Professional York Chauffeur Service Versus A Taxi Service

Here at Executive Cars York in York North Yorkshire we are very proud of our service, and work very hard to ensure all our clients receive the kind of Chauffeur experience they deserve, and that is accomplished through using our highly trained and experienced chauffeurs. Many people tend to use the term driver or Taxi driver and chauffeur as though they mean the same thing, but the reality is very different, and explaining that explains the kind of service we at Executive Cars York provide.

The major difference between a Taxi driver and one of our chauffeurs is training, our chauffeurs have extensive training in multiple vehicle types that enable them to provide safe, efficient and enjoyable transport at all times in all conditions. The training is focused on driving to suit the passengers and their experience, and this is the main difference between a Taxi driver and one of our chauffeurs when you are a passenger in one of our Mercedes S class cars.

As a passenger in one of our chauffeur driven cars, our chauffeur will be totally commited to maximize your experience, to avoid bumps and jolts and let you enjoy a calm, luxurious journey. A Taxi driver is there to get you from A to B, while our chauffeur gets you where you want to go, but is there to ensure your needs are met. Opening the doors for you, loading baggage, going a scenic route if you wish to, the chauffeur is providing a chauffeur experience to enjoy, rather than just transport.

Our chauffeurs are also very professional in all they do, they have great pride in the chauffeur service that they provide, this comes naturally from the hard work involved to pass the rigorous training we put in place, and your chauffeur will always look the part, smartly uniformed, discrete and trustworthy in everything they do. Our chauffeurs are also skilled in many other areas, and are able to offer assistance in numerous tasks that may come up during your journey.

We believe that it is our chauffeur’s dedication and training, pride in the service and their driving skill that will really make your journey special, and while many will argue the fact, one trip with one of our professional chauffeurs and you will know there is definitely a difference between them and a Taxi driver, add to this that Executive Cars York only use Mercedes S class cars then you have the ultimate combination. If you currently use a chauffeur service that feels more like a Taxi Service then ring us now on 01904 693297 or alternatively have a look at our fantastic website www.executivecarsyork.co.uk. We are waiting for your call.