Mercedes S-Class Chauffeur Hire

Would you like to be chauffeured in the most respected, refined, and award-winning limousine on the road today? You can simply travel, or travel in complete luxury with Executive Cars York. Whilst we have a diverse range of cars, we find that the S-Class has gained so much popularity with the chauffeur industry as well as our clients, that it is truly special and deserves our owner Mark Heaney to talk about just how good this car is. The Mercedes S-Class has been awarded many rave reviews too numerous to list, winning awards for its outstanding performance and luxury features.

What you will get with Executive Cars York
Every car booking is personally tailored to your exact specifications, this sets the tone of your journey through every detail
One of our very experienced, professional chauffeur to greet and drive you, he will be immaculately-presented in both dress and manners
Mercedes’ S class Air suspension gives the car the ultimate ride quality
Travel in privacy, with touch-operated electronic blinds
Complimentary newspapers and bottled water
Mercedes S-Class Comfort
There’s a reason why the Mercedes S-Class is and always has been the car that other manufacturers try to copy and build their cars to the same quality, The level of comfort and sophistication in user controls is unsurpassed. not only can you stretch out fully through the long wheel base, but you can tailor your preferences for privacy, air control, reclining seats and more, at a touch of a button. Reviewing the car one of our customers Sean Brennan says, I am a ceo for a large plc company, i have to use many chauffeur services around the world and i have been so impressed by the Mercedes s class that i now insist on only using a chauffeur company that has Mercedes s class cars in their fleet, it is unrivalled in comfort and quietness, and to add to this i think it creates the right impression when arriving at a meeting or other businesses that i have to visit in the uk. i use Executive Cars York when i am in the uk because they only use Mercedes s class cars and their drivers and cars are immaculate, i have tried other York and Yorkshire chauffeur companies and i have felt let down, maybe they had the mercedes s class but the driver looked like he had slept in his suit, or they were slightly late, or the car looked dirty, this is definitely not the case with Mark at Executive Cars York i would highly recommend him and his brilliant company.

The Mercedes S-Class has been created with the aim of being the ‘best car in the world’. Taking comfort, refinement, and safety to new levels, you can instantly see why the car has been gathering so many awards for technology, innovation, and comfort. Why not book a Mercedes S-Class for your executive travel today? There are many ways you can get in touch with Yorkshires ultimate chauffeur service.

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