As a chauffeur it can often look like a very glamorous life to the outside world, riding around in the best cars, dressing in designer suits and hanging around only the best locations and establishments, it is at this point that a professional chauffeur never lets all of this affect his attitude and professionalism, i have heard other chauffeurs bragging how they carry a certain person and they are like brothers or they go out drinking with their customers, it actually makes me cringe when i hear this, i personally have carried some very famous people and i never repeat their name or brag that i carry them, and i definitely never forget that i am the chauffeur and not some long lost buddy of theirs, please don’t get me wrong a good chauffeur should be able to adapt to any situation, yes i have been shopping with a very famous lady and yes i have sat at a dinner table with another famous client, it is at that point it would be so easy to let your guard down and try to live the customers life or try to become friends, this cannot be allowed to happen, yes you can please your client by taking them exactly where they wish to go and sometimes join in the event, only when asked but only at the request of the customer, and you must never discuss that customers habits or where they go and at what time, most people i carry use my chauffeur service because they know that i will never divulge anything about them let alone their name, as a professional chauffeur i always say i will be outside waiting for you sir or madam, this time gives me an excellent opportunity to check the car brush the mats of any dust and if needed take the car to the nearest car wash, numerous times i have made the car look like new and the client has actually mentioned the fact and asked me how i managed it, to be a truly professional chauffeur you should know your clients needs exactly be close but in the background and always be early and waiting ready with a car that always looks like new.