Do you wish there was a fully licensed York chauffeur service that uses the latest Mercedes s class cars in York and Yorkshire, well you don’t need to look any further, Executive Cars York are exactly that, we pride ourselves on staying loyal to the Mercedes brand, a thing most of the other chauffeur firms in the area haven’t done, why would they do that you ask, well a Mercedes s class is more expensive plain and simple, most people who enquire about our chauffeurs in York say it will be a Mercedes s class that will pick us up, we of course answer yes sir we only use Mercedes s class cars, now lets get to the very muddy waters of licensing, we have always persevered with staying licensed by York City Council even though this is harder and more expensive, most of the others are licensed by Selby council because the standards are a lot lower yet they can still ply their trade in York because York Council have no money for enforcement, thankfully most people who enquire about our services see through this, i have had many conversations with clients as to why they decided to use our chauffeur service, i would love to reveal the answer to this question but our competitors are watching every move we make, the next thing i notice is we are the only firm in York that advertises a Proper York landline this is because our office is in York not Selby, Leeds, Beverley or any other city miles away which is where all the others are coming from, i know York, Yorkshire and most of the UK intimately, because of this you can be rest assured that you will reach your destination on time and fully relaxed in a long wheel base Mercedes s class limousine version with full privacy blinds, glass roof, full free super fast 4g wifi, freeview televisions, fully air blown rear seats, reclining rear seats, free bottled water, newspapers and various sweets, all this adds up to a far superior chauffeur service in York, if you would like to experience this type of chauffeur service then feel free to call me on 01904 693297. alternatively you can call my mobile number 07955955900. or even email me on  Thank you.  Mark Heaney.