What sort of service can I expect 

We will definitely supply you an exceptional chauffeur driven experience that other chauffeur companies in York are unable to offer, our focus will always be on you the customer. We are always punctual, professional and personable.

What are your chauffeur services used for

We offer a private bespoke chauffeur service for business and private clients who tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Business and corporate clients 
  • High net worth individuals 
  • Tourist families visiting Britain (particularly from the U.S.A.
  • Companies booking for conferences, award ceremonies, sport and leisure events.

We offer a high quality chauffeur service for meetings, financial roadshows, tours and experiences, we also provide a bespoke Chauffeur driven  Airport service to or from any airport in the UK

Which areas do you cover

We are a York based chauffeur company operating out of York city centre but we cover the whole of the UK we will pick you up or drop you off anywhere in the UK.

Is there a distance limitation 

We have no distance limitation, only recently we chauffeured a 80 year old lady and her two poodles to Marbella yes you heard correct ( Marbella )

Is Executive Cars York licensed and insured 

We are a fully Licensed Private Hire operator and have full public liability insurance. All of our cars and chauffeurs are licensed by City of York Council, we have full Hire and Reward insurance.

Why Are You Different

We are definitely different, our attention to detail is legendary, as most of our customers mention whatever happens Executive Cars York will be there with an absolutely immaculate Mercedes car and chauffeur in a designer suit and tie with highly polished brogues

We focus on:

  • Chauffeur professionalism.
  • Chauffeur knowledge of the UK and customer needs.
  • Driving skill for your comfort and safety.
  • We are experts in time management.

What can your security chauffeurs and close protection officers provide

We can if needed provide specialist, security qualified chauffeurs and a close protection team, should they be needed. We will assess the risks and provide the necessary safeguards needed for the customer 

Do you offer a chauffeur service for celebrities and VIPs 

Yes, we carry many celebrities who need to be safe and discreet, we excel in sneaking people in and out of locations, all our vehicles have security blinds so no one can see inside the car, but let me be clear we provide the highest standards of service for all our clients.

Can I choose which driver picks me up and drops me off

Yes of course, if you like a certain driver then he can be assigned to you for the complete journey.

Will I always receive the same chauffeur car and driver

Yes once a chauffeur has been assigned to your journey he will complete all of the required assignments as for the cars we only use Mercedes s class and v class cars so yes the cars will be the same every time

How will I identify my chauffeur 

Once the chauffeur and car has been allocated you will be sent the chauffeurs name and mobile number.

Will I be notified when my chauffeur arrives 

Our Chauffeur will text you to let you know they have arrived and where they are waiting. Our chauffeurs will always be at the pick-up address at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Do your Chauffeurs wear uniforms 

All of our chauffeurs will be wearing a designer suit, shirt and tie and will be immaculately presented at all times.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy

This is one of the things you will never have to worry about we pride ourselves on confidentiality 

How familiar with the UK are your Chauffeurs 

All of our drivers are very experienced and have many years experience driving the length and breadth of the Uk, they will have visited your destination many times before and will have learned intimate details of every city in the UK.

Can you guarantee my chauffeur will be on time

Your Chauffeur and car will be on site at least 15 minutes before the booked time. In the 30 years we have been supplying Chauffeurs and cars we have never, i repeat never been late, this is because unlike other York Chauffeurs we do not try to pack jobs in, we only usually do 1 or maybe 2 jobs per day per car, other York Chauffeurs will charge less because they are trying to pack more jobs in to the same day we call them busy fools, we take time to offer the most professional chauffeur service. 

Will I be charged for parking, congestion zones or tolls

No definitely not, all our quoted journeys cover every other expense including parking Tolls and if we take you to London the congestion charge.

What type of vehicles do you use

All of our cars are long wheel base Mercedes S-Class. For more than 3 passengers we provide the Mercedes V-Class (which seats up to 7 passengers)

Will my chauffeur help with the luggage

All of our chauffeurs will provide help with luggage and open and close vehicle doors. They will also help in any other way they can so as to make your journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Am I able to eat and drink during my journey

Yes of course, we supply chilled bottled water and various sweets mints etc for the journey, we can also stop at services etc as many times as you like, during the journey we provide a very relaxed chauffeur service totally dedicated to you, your chauffeur will be completely at your disposal. 

Is Wi-Fi available in the car

Full 4g super fast Wi-Fi is available in all of our cars. 

Am I able to charge my mobile and laptop

Mobile phone and tablet chargers are supplied in the cars so that passengers can charge their devices. All our cars have at least 4 usb slots in the rear.

How far in advance do I need to book 

We obviously would love everybody to book as far in advance as possible but we understand this is not possible, we sometimes have availability for that day or the next day try us and see

How much do you charge and how can I pay for the service 

Charges will depend on the amount of hours you book or the mileage of a single destination. We accept all major credit cards or if preferred Bank details can be provided for bank transfer.