One of the main questions we are always asked by customers is will you still be picking me up because it is snowing very heavily here, well the answer to this question is of course sir, we plan ahead and allow extra time to reach you and extra time for the journey to your destination, as well as this professional planning we also fit all our vehicles with snow tyres or as they are called by the tyre experts intermediates, now you may say well does that really make a difference, well i can tell you our Mercedes s class with snow tyres on is nothing short of brilliant for grip, we have never had to refuse a job or not been able to deliver a customer to their destination of choice, only the other night i was rung up at 10.30pm all the trains had stopped running and the gentleman needed to get to London, i said no problem sir and picked him up 30 minutes later, he was yet another very happy customer of Executive Cars York, the morale of the story is if you need to get anywhere in any weather at any time of day or night then you should ring the professionals choice. Executive Cars York on 01904 693297 or Email us on