Our Mercedes s class at Barbyfields Barn

Here We are again another year gone and in to 2024 we go, in December we have had our busiest month ever, a lot of the journeys have been delivering elderly parents from Yorkshire to sons and daughters houses in London and further down south to Plymouth, Bath and even Cornwall, I love these types of journeys mainly because people of that era ie. 80 years of age and older are so smart and fun to travel with they have so many stories to tell, I also do a lot of Heathrow airports where people are going to their houses abroad, Executive Cars York has gone from strength to strength in the last 10 years of operation, the covid dented this progress but we have come out of the other side of this and are now even better than ever, I think what we do is a valuable service for anyone that wants better than a taxi service for their loved ones, I am now 64 and I think I will just carry on until I can find someone else who fancies taking this fantastic business over from me and who cares about the passengers like I do, most of the passengers have become friends and this helps on the long journeys which Executive Cars York have become a specialist in, I must also mention that without a Mercedes class car this business would not have got where it is now, in the 10 years I have had 4 Mercedes s class cars, I usually buy them 2 years old and run them to 4 or 5 years old, these cars are amazing and this is what keeps the customers coming back, the Mercedes s class car was definitely designed with my job as a chauffeur in mind, anyway I would dearly like to thanks all my lovely customers who have enabled this firm to thrive.  Thank You.  Mark Heaney.