blog post 4

If you are looking to hire a York based chauffeur service then you are presented with a massive array of supposed genuine York Chauffeurs and genuine York based chauffeur services, well can i just say your first port of call should be to ring York City Council, ask for the licensing department, and ask them who is licensed properly by them, you will be shocked when you realise that there are only probably 2 firms that are registered with them, we are one of them, we have no objection to supplying any prospective client with copies of all our driver and car licences that York City Council have supplied us after meeting their very strict criteria, this is one of the main reasons a lot of (York Chauffeurs) are totally unlicensed, we are filled with despair every time we see one of their cars with customers in because unlike us they will not be insured or licensed properly, York City Council refuse to chase these illegal firms saying they have no funds for enforcement, please take the time to thoroughly check that the York Chauffeur firm you think are legal truly are, if you are in doubt at all then you are welcome to ring me Mark Heaney the owner of Executive Cars York on 01904 693297 or you can email me on