Chauffeur And A Mercedes S Class

Well it has been a very busy month here at Executive Cars York, we have duly chauffeured a great number of individuals and business groups to locations in and around the UK, most of the top firms in Yorkshire have used our professional chauffeur services at some time in 2017, we have taken the full team at Harrowells solicitors in York to a massive dinner at the royal armouries in Leeds, we have chauffeured the directors of Benenden Healthcare in York to and from UK Airports, we have worked for the Grand Hotel in York, we have also done a few chauffeur journeys for the Principal Hotel in York, we have managed to keep all these different businesses happy and we have not had to refuse any work because of the help of a couple of very trusted chauffeurs, who are independents that we often trust to pass work to, we only use these independents because they have the same high values that we have, plus they like us only use Mercedes s class cars, it is these very high standards that some chauffeur firms call unnecessary that have kept us at the top of the tree when it comes to providing chauffeur services in York and Yorkshire, we have purposely kept the business small and manageable to carry on giving this class leading chauffeur service, we will always exceed your expectations and for this reason we will always keep a customer. i would like to first of all thank my very loyal customers for their continued support, and secondly thank the two independents for helping me out when i am under pressure, lets look forward to the rest of 2017 and hopefully we will have an even better 2018.  Thank you.  Mark Heaney.