Personal One To One Chauffeur Service

Do you wish you could have the same chauffeur every time, do you wish your chauffeur knew you well, when to stop and where, when you like breakfast lunch or a coffee break, well look no further than Executive Cars York and Mark Heaney, i am a one man business that caters to the needs of anyone wanting a personal chauffeur service, i have 30 years experience in the industry, when you use me and my business you are assured of my very personal attention, as our business relationship continues i will learn your habits and personal preferences, unlike most other firms that will just send any chauffeur they have at their disposal, in the chauffeur industry there is a lot of passing work between firms, we never do this you will always be driven by me, it is this personal chauffeur service that is loved by all my clients, because a contract with a major firm has now ended i have spaces available for other business or personal customers who require bespoke chauffeur services, now lets get to the cars i use, i currently use a 2018 Mercedes s class but unlike other firms mine has every extra Mercedes had available, it has full executive rear with full reclining seats that are heated and air cooled, it has a full panoramic glass roof, it has super fast 4g wifi, it has air suspension, the interior is just magnificent, one customer who i might add is a multi millionaire described it as the most comfortable car he had ever travelled in, he duly fell asleep and i woke him when we arrived in London, i specialise in long distance chauffeur work, maybe you have to travel some distance and maybe go to a few business meetings, this is where i will excel and make sure you are at your meetings on time, it is because of this personal service that you will come to realise like all my other customers that i will always be on time, you can come to depend on this in turn this will give you piece of mind and consequently one less worry in your busy day, if you think i am the kind of chauffeur service you might need then please have no hesitation in contacting me on TEL. 01904 693297 EMAIL MOBILE 07955955900. Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you. Mark Heaney.